The Tin Mine

(DVD/Thai/2005/111mins)  Dir. Jira Maligool

06-Jul-2017 | 07:00 PM | The Stein Auditorium

Synopsis: The year is 1949 and the destiny of a young 22 year old is about to lead him from his civilized lifestyle in Thailand’s capital city to a faraway place. Ajin Panjapan has just flunked out of university during his second year as an engineering student, ending his promising academic career at one of Thailand’s most prestigious universities. Nevertheless, with every end, there is a beginning, and this is the starting point of his journey learning about real life. It is the kind of knowledge that you cannot get from reading and the kind of understanding that money can’t buy. It is the sort of realization you obtain by investing your time and devoting your heart towards trying to comprehend the significance of struggle and failure, happiness and sadness, and how experiences of all kinds add value and meaning to your life. Collab. Royal Thai Embassy, New Delhi