The Teacher's Diary

(Thai/2014/120mins)   Dir. Nitiwat Taratorn

07-Jul-2017 | 07:00 PM |

Synopsis: In 2012, Song, a former professional wrestler, had to find a new job as a teacher at a primary school located on a floating community that resides in middle of a dam surrounded by mountains. Song is the only teacher at this school that doesn’t even have electricity and running water. Being in the middle of nowhere, Song must learn to cope with the loneliness of being cut off from the rest of the modern world. The only relief to his lonely plight is the diary notes of Ann, a former teacher who moved away but accidently left her personal memoirs behind. For Song, a connection is formed with Ann, born from the scribbles left behind in her diary. The more Song reads about Ann the more he is drawn to her and the notion of what it would be like to meet Ann in person. Collab. Royal Thai Embassy, New Delhi