Short films on Kashmir

Screening Date Time Synopsis
26-Aug-2017 10:30 AM a) Waiting/2005/Atul Gupta & Shabnam Ara / 39 mins: This documentary narrates the experiences of women whose husbands have been missing, and whose children live without their fathers. It records the individual tribulations of these women who live with no certain knowledge of the state of their loved ones who were abducted by the Indian military during the 1990s in insurgency-hit Kashmir, as well as the apathy of authority-figures towards the issue. As the years have gone by, many have learnt to cope while some are still caught in conflicts with their in-laws, the state, religion and day to day livelihood. Their psychiatric problems add to the statistic that Kashmir has the highest number of psychotic patients in the world. These women are true survivors of a cruel period in the history of this 'paradise on earth'. b) Rizwaan /2013 / Deepti Khurana / 17 mins: Set against the dilapidated geography of Kashmir, the film revolves around the figure of a young boy by the name of Rizwan (meaning “guardian of paradise”) as he transforms from being a human survivor of military torture to a phantom of a collective hope. Based on Agha Shahid Ali's collection of poems, "The Country Without A Post Office", the film is a story of human tragedy set in Kashmir. A story told, not in life, but in death. c) Goodbye, Mayfly/2015/Siddhartha Gigoo/ 22 mins: Set against a vibrant colourscape, the film is dedicated to the children who were born in and grew up amidst the physical and psychological trauma of a conflict-ridden Kashmir.

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