Soz: A Ballad of Maladies

Screening Date Time Synopsis
26-Aug-2017 03:00 PM This documentary chronicles the ways in which resistance to authority has manifested itself in what has been one of the most contentious areas post the Partition of 1947: Kashmir. It traces the transition of Kashmir’s musical scenario in terms of its methods of resistance to different hegemonic authorities over time through traditional musical practices (like Ladishah and Sufiyana Mosuqi) to hip-hop and rap, the latter having been adopted by the youth of the currently militarized Kashmir as oppositional rhetoric for a project of self-assertion. Departing from romanticized notions of Kashmir as a “paradise”, Soz draws on the collective narratives of the people of Kashmir by drawing attention to local narratives of struggle and survival as they are shaped by their Kashmiriyat (the ethno-national and social consciousness of the Kashmiri people), where their discursive silence is expressed through multiple forms of speech art.

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