Garm Hawa

Screening Date Time Synopsis
23-Aug-2017 06:30 PM Based on a short story written for the film by Ismat Chughtai, this film deals with the plight and mounting disorientation of North Indian Muslims in a post-Partition India through the experience of the Mirzas, a Muslim family with an ancestral house and a local business in Agra that they are reluctant to let go. The film deals with the networks of discrimination that the Mirzas are forced to face as Salim (Balraj Sahni) attempts to understand the new order of being in the post-Partition landscape, while a series of suitors leaving for the other side of the border with false promises of return leave Amina (Gita Siddharth), Salim’s daughter, devastated that results in a tragic conclusion for the family. The film essentially highlights the predicament of the Muslims who chose to stay back in India amidst the communal frenzy and intolerance that marked the atmosphere immediately after the Partition, especially following Gandhi’s assassination.

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