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21-Aug-2017 06:30 PM The film revolves around Shanti (Nutan), who, following her marriage to businessman, Kewal (Rehman) on the eve of the Partition, is inadvertently left behind in Pakistan in the custody of a Pathan, Abdul Rehaman (Pran), while the rest of her family leaves for India. On her return to India after five years as part of the two nations’ Recovery Operations, Shanti is rejected by her natal family as well as spurned by her husband on grounds of defilement of her purported ‘purity’ when their five year old son identifies Abdul Rehman as his father. The remainder of the story concerns itself with how a stray conman with a golden heart by the name of Chhalia (Raj Kapoor) falls for and subsequently rescues Shanti from her circumstances. The film is one of the first to deal with the plight of dislocated female survivors on whom notions of honour and martyrdom were territorialized by the patriarchal folds of the newly postcolonial nations.

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