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19-Aug-2017 06:30 PM An Indian-German co-production, Qissa looks at the historical watershed that is the Partition of 1947 as a fall out of a toxic patriarchy and deals with its subliminal after-effects on the individual body through the lens of gender. Umber Singh (Irrfan Khan) is forced to migrate from Pakistan to India following the division of the subcontinent. Emasculated through territorial dislocation, Singh yearns for a boy child to preserve the family lineage after his wife has borne him three daughters. The fourth child is also born a daughter (played by Tilottoma Shome in maturity), but is brought up by Singh with the willful delusion that s/he is a male heir to the family. This leads to a tale of conflicting identities that defy reductionist binaries as the characters soon become enmeshed in a strange string of events that pivot around the spectre of a collective trauma.

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